On discovering new (to me) features

I’ve been using terminator for ages.  I love it, and it does exactly what I want.  I haven’t used *all* it’s features, but then, who does for every piece of software they use? Given that, I was surprised to stumble on a feature I’d never seen before.


Screenshot from 2017-09-08 08-42-28Screenshot from 2017-09-08 08-42-33


Now if they’d just add tab-completion to bash. . .

Personal update / Clarification

It occurred to me after an email conversation with a fellow Fedoran that I should probably post something about a major change in my life.

If you’ve had email from me, or seen my changelogs, you’ve seen that my name is now Gwyn.  What this doesn’t tell you is that the name change is due to gender transition and that I now use she/her/hers pronouns.  My FAS username is still limb, irc is still limburgher, email is still limb at fedoraproject dot org, I still show up late to Packaging Committee meetings.

I updated my name everywhere, and have only actually directly told two Fedorans prior to this, because I don’t know any Fedorans In Real Life and in terms of package maintenance, it just doesn’t matter.

Apologies for any confusion.  Please email me with any questions, and have a pleasant day.