Did you ever have that experience where. . .

. . .the Koji unreferenced builds report comes, and you’re going through it, and there’s a build you honestly, for the life of you, cannot remember doing?


Request for reviewer: php-Smarty2

Apparently php-Smarty 3 breaks gallery2, and possibly other PHP applications.  I’ve submitted a parallel-installable php-Smarty2 package for f18+, and it should be a quick, easy review, and I’m willing to do at least one in return.  Thanks in advance!


Merge Reviews

I have several outstanding Merge Reviews.  I’m going to start going through them again, and fixing things so I can close them where possible, and nagging otherwise.  If you own one of the packages that has an open merge review, please take a look and see what needs to be done so we can get these put to bed someday.  If no one has started your Merge Review, ping me and I’ll take a look.