Pi adventures

So I’ve fixed my own ARM FTBFS packages, one other, and may be close on a fourth.  Observations on Fedora 17 on the Raspberry Pi so far:

  1. It seems faster than I expected.  This is probably because it’s faster than a few Intel boxes I recently e-cycled that I’d been using for a decade.
  2. It’s Fedora, so I can install whatever I want with yum, and do everything I do elsewhere.  Which is awesome.
  3. I wish it had more RAM.  Occasionally, I’ve run into issues where I’ll fix a build, only to have it die due to lack of RAM, and succeed on koji.  I may set up a swapfile and see if that helps.
  4. It’s cool.  Literally.  I ran a build all day on in, load in the 1-2 range for 12 hours or so, and no heating issues at all.

Soon, I might take the plunge and try updating my kernel.  I think I’ll try it on a second system image first, because I’d rather not brick this one, since it’s all set up for Fedora work.
Thanks again to everyone involved in SOOH, it was a great idea.  And thanks to the maintainers of FTBFS packages for being open to assistance.


Raspberry Pi

Got my Summer of Open Hardware prize (Thanks Fedora and Redhat!), and finally got the video cable and USB keyboard I lacked.  My first boot of the raspi nightly from the end of August was a flop. . .because I pulled the SD card from the drive before the data from zcat was all written.
After a more patient imaging, it worked flawlessly.  Hostname: beret.  I’m already installing BuildRequires to try to troubleshoot two of my packages that are FTBFS on ARM only.
This should be fun. 🙂


I needed to make a QR code recently, and discovered the fabulous python-qrcode.  I did what I needed in 2 lines, but since I will need to do this fairly often, I wanted something user-friendly.  Not finding it, I made quearcode.  Fedora review is here.  As always, feedback welcome.  And I do plan to improve it somewhat (see TODO) but it’s mostly where I want it.

Fontforge in EPEL for EL-5

First, see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=849144

I need to fix broken font deps in Moodle, which means I need dejavu-fonts, which means I need fontforge 20080828 or higher, and autotrace.  I’ve got autotrace on it’s way to EL-5 stable, and the new fontforge is on it’s way to update-testing.  Please test!

Bodhi update for Karma purposes:  https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/fontforge-20080828-1.1.el5