Inkscape 1.0 Beta

Fresh and hot in f32! Come test and enjoy!


Inkscape – Python 3 in f32+

I’ve just updated Inkscape in f32 to a git snapshot to allow it to move to Python 3. It seems to work well for me, but please test and file bugs.

There should be an official release coming to address this, but I don’t want to hold up the removal of Python 2.

distcc 3.3.2

I’ve finally updated distcc to the latest release (f31+). Python 2 retirement forced me to finally work out how to adapt to the new compiler symlink model. It should work out of the box, but if you add compilers to a server, rerun update-distcc-symlinks.

Two numpys diverged in a wood. . .

python2-numpy has split off from numpy(python3-numpy) as of rawhide/f31.  Dependencies have remained the same, so unless your Python 2 package requires numpy, you should be fine. If it does, switch to python2-numpy. Or switch to python3. 🙂

This allows us to upgrade python3-numpy to 1.17.0, while python2-numpy stays at 1.16.4, since 1.17.x drops Python 2 support.

File bugs if something breaks.

Duplicity 0.8.01

Duplicity 0.8.01 is now in rawhide. The big change here is that it now uses Python 3. I’ve tested it in my own environment, both on it’s own and with deja-dup, and both work.

Please test and file bugs. I expect there will be more, but with Python 2 reaching EOL soon, it’s important to move everything we can to Python 3.



Our long multimedia nightmare is over

So, for quite some time, I maintained mediatomb. I didn’t use it, but I kept it working for those who did.

As time passed, it more or less died upstream, and was replaced by Gerbera. So, naturally, I packaged it, and its dependencies, got the reviews in, etc. I retired mediatomb, and off we went. As of Fedora 29, there is no mediatomb, only Gerbera.

One minor issue.

With the initial version, I shipped a config based on mediatomb’s config. This didn’t work, because Gerbera’s config format is completely different.

I fixed it. 🙂 If you like, test and give karma.

As a side note, I now use Gerbera. It’s pretty cool.