Fedora 18 TC4

So, I just grabbed this to fire up an f18 VM to work on something.  I have to say, the new Anaconda DVD installer interface is *slick* like Grace.  It’s just simple, and quick.  I didn’t see how to customize the disk layout, but then I didn’t look that hard either.  Kudos to all involved!


Lilypond 2.16.0!!!

In rawhide, on its way to f18-updates-testing and f17-updates-testing!

What a day.

ode 0.12

ode 0.12 just hit rawhide and f18, as did rebuilds of all dependant packages, with patches in some cases.  If you’re interested, please test ode, derelicht, machineball, maniadrive, ompl, stormbaancoureur, taoframework and xmoto, and submit karma.   The only problems seem to have been build-related, everything that I rebuild that I was able to test was fine.


If anyone needs assistance with fixing a FTBFS package, please don’t hesitate to ask on fedora-devel (or in the comments to this post).  No one knows how to fix every build failure, but most of the time, it’s something someone else has seen before.  I’m willing to contribute advice, patches, or even commits and builds, if I can (no promises*), and I’m sure I’m not alone.  This doesn’t just apply to packages you own, either.  If you use or otherwise care about a package that’s FTBFS and the maintainer hasn’t started on it or needs help, ask about that too.


*Offer subject to time and knowledge constraints, no warranty stated or implied, IANAL, void where prohibited, some cars not for use with some sets.