Inkscape text crash – FIX INCOMING

This bug has a fix coming in bodhi for f28 and f27. Please test and give karma.

I’m really sorry this took so long. I’ve been super busy changing jobs and with this.

Still working on the Division and Bucket Fill crashes.


A personal python milestone

I’ve had a script for year that I use to make sure that my local yum/dnf repo has everything the updates emails suggest that it should. In the rare event that it finds something missing, I use my releng superpowers to re-tag the errand package and off we go.

Today I migrated the script from Python2 and yum to Python3 and dnf. First of all kudos to Seth Vidal, and secondly, kudos to the dnf team for putting together a worthy successor to yum, and more importantly, usable documentation of same.

Fedora 28 Beta – dnf system-upgrade

Yesterday, as is my usual custom, I upgraded my laptop from Fedora 27 to Fedora 28 Beta. I used DNF system upgrade, as I have in the past. The only hiccup was entirely my own fault. I forgot that while I’ve set GNOME to ignore the lid closing to prevent suspension, that setting doesn’t apply during system upgrade. 🙂 Oops.

Used DNF to remove duplicate rpms, reinstalled the new kernel and libwbclient, and corrected GNOME’s right-click behaviour, and all is well.

On discovering new (to me) features

I’ve been using terminator for ages.  I love it, and it does exactly what I want.  I haven’t used *all* it’s features, but then, who does for every piece of software they use? Given that, I was surprised to stumble on a feature I’d never seen before.


Screenshot from 2017-09-08 08-42-28Screenshot from 2017-09-08 08-42-33


Now if they’d just add tab-completion to bash. . .