Fedora 29 Beta

It’s Beta time again!

As is my habit, I upgraded my laptop at Beta time. dnf system-upgrade didn’t work for me because of some dependency issues. In the process of working through a dnf upgrade, I discovered that it was due to some odd homegrown Python RPMs I’d made and forgotten about, and gource, which was still FBTBS. After working those out, it was uneventful.

That was last night. Now I’ve been using it for several hours.

It’s still uneventful.

Great job, Fedora folx, I think GA should be smooth. (knock on wood)


One thought on “Fedora 29 Beta

  1. lsatenstein says:

    I have a bizzare situation with F29Beta. I installed it using the network installation version.

    After the first boot, and after completing the introductions to get to the gnome desktop, I had a desktop. I tried to install a printer to do testings. No luck. On subsequent reboot, no gnome desktop.

    Logging in as me in console mode and using startx, I am able to achieve temporary success. I have gnome again.
    So I take it as it comes. It is a beta, and I hope to see a future beta to cover some installation issues.

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