Inkscape text crash – FIX INCOMING

This bug has a fix coming in bodhi for f28 and f27. Please test and give karma.

I’m really sorry this took so long. I’ve been super busy changing jobs and with this.

Still working on the Division and Bucket Fill crashes.


2 thoughts on “Inkscape text crash – FIX INCOMING

  1. skierpage says:

    Hmm. I experienced what sounds like a different bug 1565220 “[abrt] inkscape: std::__replacement_assert(): inkscape killed by SIGABRT” when manipulating text. (To workaround I used flatpak’s older inkscape to manipulate text then copy-pasted it into Fedora 28’s inkscape with better PDF import ☺ ). Like another commenter I found inkscape-0.92.3-2.fc28.x86_64 with your fix fixed it, so… thanks!

    I was really confused because the version and date reported by `inkscape –version` and in Help > About Inkscape, “Inkscape 0.92.3 (2405546, 2018-03-11)” didn’t change with your fix. What is that date? It was news to me that to report an accurate bug you can’t use the obvious version string in the program, you have to learn the `rpm -q ` incantation.

    I couldn’t see your patch to Layout-TNG-OutIter.cpp in Inkscape’s git. Is the fix only for Fedora, since apparently only Fedora experiences it? Launchpad bug 1769662 has the comment “As there have been multiple issues reported now with Fedora 28 and text within the last week …, I tend to think there’s some Fedora-specific problem here.” But what’s different about Fedora’s libraries?

    No worries, and thanks for all you do.

    • limburgher says:

      I believe that date is the 0.92.3 release date.

      That patch is Fedora-specific. I’m not sure what’s causing the recent rash of issues. I imagine we have something Inkscape uses that’s newer than other distros, but I’m not sure what. I’m hoping the additional upstream bugs I filed will help shed some light on it.

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