Pi adventures

So I’ve fixed my own ARM FTBFS packages, one other, and may be close on a fourth.  Observations on Fedora 17 on the Raspberry Pi so far:

  1. It seems faster than I expected.  This is probably because it’s faster than a few Intel boxes I recently e-cycled that I’d been using for a decade.
  2. It’s Fedora, so I can install whatever I want with yum, and do everything I do elsewhere.  Which is awesome.
  3. I wish it had more RAM.  Occasionally, I’ve run into issues where I’ll fix a build, only to have it die due to lack of RAM, and succeed on koji.  I may set up a swapfile and see if that helps.
  4. It’s cool.  Literally.  I ran a build all day on in, load in the 1-2 range for 12 hours or so, and no heating issues at all.

Soon, I might take the plunge and try updating my kernel.  I think I’ll try it on a second system image first, because I’d rather not brick this one, since it’s all set up for Fedora work.
Thanks again to everyone involved in SOOH, it was a great idea.  And thanks to the maintainers of FTBFS packages for being open to assistance.


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