Raspberry Pi

Got my Summer of Open Hardware prize (Thanks Fedora and Redhat!), and finally got the video cable and USB keyboard I lacked.  My first boot of the raspi nightly from the end of August was a flop. . .because I pulled the SD card from the drive before the data from zcat was all written.
After a more patient imaging, it worked flawlessly.  Hostname: beret.  I’m already installing BuildRequires to try to troubleshoot two of my packages that are FTBFS on ARM only.
This should be fun. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi

  1. limburgher says:

    Whoa, that was awesome. gluegen is done, and Io-language now has an upstream bug filed.

  2. limburgher says:

    And Io-language is now done. Having the hardware really helped, both for testing and to figure out what headers were different, and above all, what to Google. 😉

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